Sage Against the Machine Shave Scrub

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Sage Against the Machine Shave Scrub

Sage Against The Machine Shave Scrub is what your follicles have been screaming for! This uniquely & intoxicatingly fragrant pre-shave body scrub is a must try!

How to Use:

Prior to shaving, gently exfoliate hairy areas such as “pits and pubes” using circular motion. Feel the buttery and fragrant sensation afterward! Oh My! Leave on pubic and/or armpit areas during shower/bath to allow ingredients to penetrate for a longer time.

Key Benefit Ingredients

Himalayan Salt – Exfoliates away dead skin cells, cleansing follicles to fight growth of ingrown hairs, fights body acne; has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

Shea Butter – Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Nourishes and deeply moisturizes skin. Fights eczema, acne and scars.

Complete Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Cane Sugar, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide Powder, Essential Oil/Fragrance/Flavoring, Food Safe Coloring & Love.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | All Natural | Extra Soothing | Smells like Sage & Citrus Zest

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1 review for Sage Against the Machine Shave Scrub

  1. Tiffany

    I had been looking for a scrub for my husband for the days he gets home from working a fire (the smoke leaves a strong smell on his skin that is almost impossible to get rid of for a few days) then Christina recommended this scrub. The smell is incredible and did wonders on his skin. Not only dit it help with the smoke smell but it left his skin feeling so soft. He even took it to the station the next day for the other guys to try out!

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