Are Bath Bombs Good For You?

Bath bombs are not just a happy fizzy and fragrant pastime, they have many positive effects for your skin and your overall hygiene and health. Water Softener- Many people complain their water is too hard but don’t realize a bath bomb’s baking soda and citric acid help to soften the water and balance your skin’s […]

Chemicals Free Skincare

Separation is normal in all natural products. This is a sign the product is raw and wholesome ingredients will move apart just as oil and water (or your ex) would if mixed together. All you have to do is give it a quick blend with clean finger or spatula and it’s ready to go! Our […]

Shea It, Don’t Spray It

We love Shea Butter at Rx Skin & Bath!! Shea Butter is rich in Linoleic, Palmitic and Stearic Fatty Acids and Vitamins A & E, making it perfect for UV protection and Collagen production. It is a versatile butter so it works on both dry and oily skin. It is perfect for itching, rashes, stretch marks, […]