Clean Skin Bath Bombs

Are Bath Bombs Good For You?

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Bath bombs are not just a happy fizzy and fragrant pastime, they have many positive effects for your skin and your overall hygiene and health.

Water Softener- Many people complain their water is too hard but don’t realize a bath bomb’s baking soda and citric acid help to soften the water and balance your skin’s pH!

Skin Moisturizer- The ingredients of a our bath bombs such as our oils and arrowroot powder, help to calm skin and adds emollients to leave your skin smooth and supple immediately after bath.

Detox- Bath bombs detoxify your body and help to repair and deodorize it.

Alleviate aches and pains- Epsom Salt is pure magnesium and magnesium is the king of minerals responsible for relaxing muscles and calming body aches. Our essential oils also help in this department.

Create an atmosphere- Bath bombs grant you time to yourself to relax, reflect and unwind. They break up the monotony and stress of everyday life and invigorate your 5 senses from Spahh to Zen!

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